Disc Fertilizer Granulator


EMCC’s Disc Pelletizers (also known as pan pelletizers) are the equipment 

of choice for converting powdered materials into uniform, round pellets.

Disc pelletizers utilize a non-pressure (tumble growth) approach to 

agglomeration and work by tumbling material on a rotating disc, with 

a binding agent and feedstock being continuously added. The binding 

agent causes the fines (or seed pellets, when utilizing 

pre-conditioning step) to become tacky and pick up additional fines 

as the material tumbles against itself. This causes a “growing” 

action referred to as coalescence. Once pellets have reached the 

desired size, they exit the rotating disc via centrifugal force.

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    Technical Parameters




    Disc fertilizer granulator emerges with the development of fertilizer production.It is appropriate for granulating round fertilizer particles for compound or organic fertilizer for convenient transportation and storage.To produce nutritionally balanced fertilizer particles, the proper granulating machine is your top decision. We are professional fertilizer plant and will offer you practical guidance in fertilizer granulating. You can also spread atomizing NPK to increase nutritions in organic fertilizers during granulating.


    EMCC’s Disc Pelletizers can agglomerate everything from fine, dry feed materials, all the way to wet, sludge-like materials. Some of the most common applications for pelletizers include:
    -Chemical Powders                                          -Limestone / Gypsum                                           -Fertilizers
    -Coal fines                                                            -Cement / Lime Kiln Dust                                    -Flyash
    -Filter / Centrifuge Cake                                 -Minerals and Ores                                                 -Vibrating Sludges
    -Pond tailings                                                     -EAF Dust




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  •  Model Disc diameter   (mm) Disc depth(mm) Working speed  (r/min) Capacity  (t/h) Power (kw) Dimension(mm)
    ZL-500 500 200 32 0.02-0.05 0.55 650x600x800
    ZL-600 600 280 33.5 0.05-0.1 0.75 800x700x950
    ZL-800 800 200 21 0.1-0.2 1.5 900x1000x1100
    ZL-1000 1000 250 21 0.2-0.3 1.5 1200x950x1300
    ZL-1200 1200 250 21 0.3-0.5 1.5 1200x1470x1700
    ZL-1500 1500 300 21 0.5-0.8 3 1760x1500x1950
    ZL-1800 1800 300 21 0.8-1.2 3 2060x1650x2250
    ZL-2000 2000 350 21 1.2-1.5 4 2260x1650x2250
    ZL-2500 2500 450 14 1.5-2.0 7.5 2900x2000x2750
    ZL-2800 2800 450 14 2-3 11 3200x2200x3000
    ZL-3000 3000 450 14 2-4 11 3400x2400x3100
    ZL-3600 3600 450 13 4-6 18.5 4100x2900x3800

    1. Arc structure ensures high granulating rate of 93%.
    2. Novel and rational structure,light weight. Flexible granulating position.
    3. Adjustable angle of large discs because of the pads.
    4. Unique unpowered knives lowers down power consumption.
    5. Large discs consists of disc body and disc joints. The disc joints can be accomodated upwards and downwards.
    6. New dregging design and good granulating effects. Uniform granulators and most of the particles’ diameter is 3-5mm.

    7. High working efficiency. It finishes disc granules at one stroke.
    8. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and stable performance.

    Various dry powder materials are added from the top of the equipment, then being degassed, compressed and transported to arc shaped notch of those two rolls which are doing reversed rotation at a constant speed. Materials are condensed in the disc, reducing the stress-tolerant of materials which naturally separate with each other with the aid of gravity and surface tension.


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