Supporting crushing, mixing and conveying equipment


EMCC provides customers with a full range of support, including crushing, mixing and conveying equipment.

Our support includes not only the provision of high-quality crushing, mixing and conveying equipment, but also technical service, installation and commissioning and after-sales support. Our dedicated team will work with customers to tailor solutions to their specific needs and provide training and technical support to ensure they can get the most out of and maintain the performance of their equipment.

Whether it’s a new fertilizer granulation line or an existing one, we are able to provide our customers with comprehensive support and solutions to help them achieve efficient and sustainable fertilizer production

As a professional fertilizer granulation production equipment company, EMCC is committed to providing customers with high-quality crusher, mixer and conveyor equipment


We offer many types of crushing equipment to meet the crushing needs of different materials. Our crushing plants are efficient and reliable.Our crushing equipment covers vertical fertilizer chain crusher, twin shaft chain fertilizer crusher, high moisture fertilizer crusher. Able to adapt to the crushing requirements of different materials.


We offer various types of mixing equipment to ensure that the materials are well mixed and evenly distributed. Our mixing equipment uses advanced technology to efficiently mix raw materials to ensure that the nutrients in the fertilizer are evenly distributed, thereby improving the quality and effectiveness of the fertilizer. Our mixing equipment includes: Disc Mixer, Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer, Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer.Ability to meet mixing needs of different sizes and materials.


We offer many types of conveyor equipment to efficiently transport raw materials and finished products from one process to another. Our conveying equipment includes belt conveyors, bucket elevators, etc., which can be flexibly configured according to the needs of the production line. Our conveying equipment is stable, reliable, energy-saving and efficient, which can ensure the safe transportation of raw materials and finished products.

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