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Rotary Drum Granulation Production Line

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EMCC can provid the process design and supply of a rotary drum granulator

system for producing agglomerated materials. Equipment included a Hopper 

& Feeder, Rotary Drum Granulator, Dryer, Rotary Screen, Bucket Elevator, 

Belt Conveyor, Packing Machine and Scrubber. 

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    نامياتي ڀاڻ جي خام مال متيان residue، زرعي زيان، جانور کيڙڻ، ۽ MSW ٿي سگهي ٿو. جڏهن ته وڌيڪ سهڻا قدر سان شين ۾ بدلجي رهيو کان اڳ عمل ڪيو وڃي ٿو تن سڀني حياتياتي زيان جي ضرورت آهي. خزانو ۾ ضايع ڪرڻ جو رخ ۾ وڏي سيڙپڪاري بلڪل چڱي رقم لڳي آهي.
    This organic fertilizer production line is equipped with groove type compost turner, rotary drum granulator, chain crusher, rotary drum dryer & cooler, rotary drum screening machine and other auxiliary fertilizer equipment. The annul output can be 30,000 tons. As a professional fertilizer production line manufacturer, we also supply the customers with other granulation lines with different production capacity, such as 20,000 T/Y, 50,000T/Y, and 100,000T/Y, etc.


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  • 1. Adopts قدمي روٽري طبل granulator، جي granulation جي شرح 70٪ تائين پهچي ٿو.
    2. Key parts adopt wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, the equipment have long service life.
    3. Adopt plastic plate or stainless steel plate lining, materials not easy to stick on the inner wall of the machine.
    4. Stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, low energy consumption.
    5. Adopt belt conveyor to connect the whole line, reliazing continuous production.
    6. Adopt two sets of dust settling chamber to deal with the tail gas, environment friendly.
    7. Two times of screening process ensure qualified granules with uniform size.
    8. Evenly mixing, drying, cooling, and coating, the finished product has superior quality.

    خام مال قبل از صورت (اعلي ماڪ ڀاڻ crusher) → نامياتي مواد خمير (نالي قسم compost turner) → Fermented مواد صورت (اعلي ماڪ ڀاڻ crusher) → Granulating (روٽري طبل granulator) Drying (روٽري طبل سڪائڻ) سوچڻ (روٽري طبل → → ٿڌو) → ختم شين screening (روٽري طبل sifting مشين) → سب معياري granules صورت (عمودي ڀاڻ سند crusher) → ڪوٽنگ (روٽري طبل ڪوٽنگ مشين) → ختم شين packing (خودڪار مقداري packager) → اسٽوريج (هڪ مين سڪي ۾ ڪٺي

    ن OTICE:  هيء پيداوار ليڪ صرف توهان جي حوالي جي لاء آهي.

    1. Aerobic خمير

    Gathering biodegradable raw materials in the working area. Lane turner (groove type fertilizer turner) is used for the fermentation and turning of livestock manure, sludge garbage, straw, sawdust and other organic wastes. Under the operation of vertically and horizontally walking gear, the high-speed disc harrows throw the fermentative materials up, then fall to the ground and the material shift. The fermented material is carried away and the space is cleared for the material requiring fermentation. Thus a complete fermentation process is formed.

    2. جو سامان قائم ٿيندي.
    Semi-wet fertilizer crusher, also called high moisture crushing machine, has two smashing systems, which helps to thin material particles below 3mm. It has a low moisture requirement on raw materials, as the allowable water content could be 35%, especially suitable for fermented organic material. High moisture fertilizer crusher is widely used in organic & bio-organic fertilizer production.
    3.Materials Granulating
    After crushing, materials are transported into rotary drum granulator by belt conveyor. With the constant rotating of drum, the materials form a rolling bed, and moves along a certain path. Under the extrusion force produced, the materials agglomerate into small particles, which become the core, attaching the powder around to form the qualified spherical granules.

    4.Fertilizer Drying
    Material shall be dried to enter the dryer. When the dryer is rotating, a series of internal fins will lift the material by lining the inner wall of the dryer. When the material reaches certain height to roll the fins back, it will be fell back to the bottom of the dryer, then passing through the hot gas stream as it falls. Independent air hating system, centralize waste discharge result in energy and cost saving.

    5.Fertilizer سوچڻ
    Rotary drum cooler removes fertilizer water and lowers temperature, used with rotary dryer in organic fertilizer and in-organic fertilizer production, which greatly increases cooling speed, and relieves work intensification. The rotary cooler also can be used to cool other powdered & granular materials.

    6.Fertilizer sifting
    Fertilizers are conveyed into the cylinder through the feed end. With the rotating of the cylinder, organic fertilizers are sifted. Larger granules flowing along the slope of the cylinder to move forward, and the materials are screened through different screens for different purposes. The sub-standard fertilizer granules will be transported back to vertical fertilizer crusher for further process, while the finished products are conveyed to fertilizer coating machine, or directly transported to automatic fertilizer packager.

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